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AC-fountainThank You, AC Pup!

For 13 years, AC Pup served as the mascot for Central Georgia CARES in Macon, Georgia. He was the little boy found almost frozen as a four week old puppy. He was rescued and became the poster boy for animals everywhere! More information on his wonderful life is on his Facebook page.

While AC Pup is no longer with us, the work goes on, inspired by his wonderful story. Central Georgia CARES exists to help homeless animals and to promote spay and neuter so we have LESS animals ending up in a shelter. We also work to educate school children across our region on humane treatment of animals as well as the importance of spaying and neutering.

We also promote anti-cruelty so we can encourage everyone to be very kind to animals. One of AC’s big jobs was to promote CARES Homeless Pet Clubs. which have participated in adopting hundreds of pets. We would love to get your business, school or community club signed up with our Homeless Pet Club too. Please contact us to learn how you can be involved.

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Don’t Abandon Your Pet During Tough Times…pets are known for our loyalty to our families. We’ll stick by you through thick and thin. Please show your fur baby loyalty now.

Thanks to a grant from the Clayton and Carol Paul Foundation and food donations from the Ginny Milner Foundation, Central Georgia CARES is able to offer assistance for pets of people impacted by Covid. Contact Central Georgia CARES by either emailing patti.jones@cgafs.com and put NEED CARES in the subject line, leaving a message at 478-390-3801 or sending AC Pup a Facebook message AC Pup – Central Georgia CARES https://www.facebook.com/ac.pup.1/